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Photography is not only about technical quality, but equally important about creativity and capturing passion, emotion and feeling. Endeavouring to acquire a balance of these elements in photographs establishes the first and lasting impression the photographer imparts on whoever views the photographs.

Photographs can often bring across a message or feeling that words may never be able to.

Garrith Murray has been involved in various successful photographic shoots. These include weddings, fashion, glamour, pregnancy, children, corporate, sport, wildlife, food, fine art, nude et cetera.

Having an interest in most genres of photography and a creative eye has enabled Garrith with confidence to successfully complete all photographic assignments undertaken.

Every photographic situation is unique and should be allowed to evolve in a way that is its own. As a photographer Garrith can adapt his photographic style to various situations. (See Galleries)

Photograph from Glamour collection
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Glamour Photography

Looking beautiful even for just a moment has the power to make a person feel on top of the world. Having an everlasting photograph of this moment can bring back a smile over and over again.
Not everyone can afford a permanent makeover, but together with the right setting, lighting, the eye of a creative photographer and the power of technology anything is possible!
GM Studios would like the opportunity to give you a glamour photography experience to remember. This can include lingerie or covered nude photographs. The excitement and feelings of joy you will experience seeing yourself made over in print is extraordinary.
Glamour photographs will include facial and full-length photos. Where needed these photographs will be digitally enhanced and manipulated to create a perfect subtle makeover. Digital effects include: softening wrinkles, removing skin defects, etc.

A glamour photo shoot makes a perfect gift. A sensual tasteful photograph is an ideal personal gift to give a partner on special occasions such as anniversaries or Valentines Day. If not for a special person in your life, there is nothing stopping you from having glamour photographs taken for yourself.

Wedding Photography

With wedding photographs Garrith will adapt to the individual personalities of the bridal couple ensuring that they remain themselves without unnecessary pressure.
Adequate time will be spent with the bride and groom, ensuring that their specific photographic and other needs and wishes will be met.

Wedding photographs are a permanent record of the couple’s special day as it unfolds and it is definitely not necessary for Garrith to direct all actions to get the right photographs. Garrith prefers taking most wedding photographs from a photojournalistic point of view so as to capture as many natural photographs as possible.

When taking wedding photographs it is best for the bride and groom to remain natural, relaxed and have fun. This is when their best moments and love for each other can be photographed. Garrith uses his inter-personal skills to help make this possible.

Garrith is passionate about photography, professional, creative, friendly, and easy to get along with. GM Studios operates nationally and internationally and will gladly quote for weddings, destination weddings or any other photographic requirements.

In addition to photography, GM Studios offers a graphic design service.

Photographs on are currently all the work of Garrith Murray. Royalty-free and Rights-Managed / Restricted photographs are available in the “Stock Gallery” as stock photographs or high quality prints.

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